Cordell takes one-game lead in Pigskin Pickers


All of the Pigskin Pickers had pretty good efforts during last week’s high school, college and professional football games.
There was one Picker, though, who stood just a little above the rest.
Reporter Mac Cordell posted a perfect 11-0 record and stands at 21-4 for the season.
For the record, we did not count the Browns’ 21-21 tie with the Steelers in the standings for the season.
All of the other Pickers – publisher Kevin Behrens, sports writer Sam Dillon, sports editor Tim Miller, managing editor Chad Williamson and reporter Will Channell – each went 10-1 for the week.
Behrens and Dillon stand at 20-5 for the season, while Miller is 19-6.
Williamson’s season record is 17-8 and Channell is 16-9.
This week’s guest Pickers are Dean Cook, Dave Laslow and Bob Van Hoose.
Marysville-Grove City
Williamson: Marysville by 20
Miller: Marysville by 14
Behrens: MHS by 1
Cordell: Monarchs by 22
Dillon: Marysville by 7
Channell: Marysville by 9
Cook: Marysville by 3
Laslow: Marysville by 7
Van Hoose: Marysville by 6
Fairbanks-Madison Plains
Williamson: Fairbanks by 9
Miller: Fairbanks by 12
Behrens: FHS by 2
Cordell: Panthers by 9
Dillon: Fairbanks by 7
Channell: Fairbanks by 9
Cook: Fairbanks by 6
Laslow: Fairbanks by 7
VanHoose: Fairbanks by 7
North Union-Clear Fork
Williamson: Clear Fork by 3
Miller: Clear Fork by 6
Behrens: CFHS by 3
Cordell: Colts by 2
Dillon: North Union by 1
Channell: North Union by 9
Cook: North Union by 21
Laslow: North Union by 7
Van Hoose: North Union by 6
Jonathan Alder-
Benjamin Logan
Williamson: JA by 7
Miller: JA by 6
Behrens: JAHS by 4
Cordell: Pioneers by 2
Dillon: Jon Alder by 10
Channell: Jon Alder by 9
Cook: Jonathan Alder by 14
Laslow: Jonathan Alder by 7
Van Hoose: Benjamin Logan by 6
Williamson: Triad by 6
Miller: Triad by 3
Behrens: THS by 5
Cordell: Cardinals by 6
Dillon: Triad by 7
Channell: Triad by 9
Cook: Triad by 3
Laslow: Triad by 7
Van Hoose: Triad by 6
Williamson: Saints by 9
Miller: Browns by 7
Behrens: Saints by 6
Cordell: Cleveland by 1
Dillon: Saints by 10
Channell: Browns by 9
Cook: Saints by 12
Laslow: Browns by 7
Van Hoose: Browns by 6
Williamson: Ravens by 12
Miller: Ravens by 6
Behrens: Ravens by 7
Cordell: Baltimore by 3
Dillon: Bengals by 2
Channell: Ravens by 9
Cook: Ravens by 6
Laslow: Ravens by 7
Van Hoose: Ravens by 7
Ohio State-TCU
Williamson: OSU by 13
Miller: OSU by 7
Behrens: OSU by 8
Cordell: Buckeyes by 4
Dillon: OSU by 14
Channell: OSU by 9
Cook: Ohio State by 21
Laslow: OSU by 7
Van Hoose: OSU by 6
Alabama-Ole Miss
Williamson: Alabama by 12
Miller: Alabama by 7
Behrens: Tide by 9
Cordell: Tide by 19
Dillon: ‘Bama by 14
Channell: Alabama by 9
Cook: Alabama by 10
Laslow: Alabama by 7
Van Hoose: Alabama by 10
Williamson: Auburn by 1
Miller: Auburn by 6
Behrens: LSU by 10
Cordell: Auburn by 10
Dillon: Auburn by 3
Channell: Auburn by 9
Cook: LSU by 3
Laslow: Auburn by 7
Van Hoose: LSU by 6
Williamson: USC by 10
Miller: USC by 3
Behrens: USC by 11
Cordell: Trojans by 6
Dillon: USC by 10
Channell: USC by 9
Cook: Texas by 6
Laslow: Texas by 7
Van Hoose: Texas by 7
Williamson: “I’m confident in my Marysville pick this week. I think it will be the fourth straight week that the Monarch offense outgains the opposing offense. NU/Clear Fork will be a slobberknocker. I hate to pick against the Wildcats, but what the Colts did to JA last week was shocking.”
Miller: “The Monarchs should get back in the win column this week. I hope Triad wins and continues its amazing story this year.”
Behrens: “Even though I am making a bold pick and am putting myself on LSU island, this week really comes down to the North Union and Browns games as far as the standings are concerned. Pay close attention to Cordell, though, because about this time every year starts his falling knife performance and he sinks to the bottom.”
Cordell: “Marysville has it this year and this is the week they get it all together. Like Chad, I was stunned at what Clear Fork did to the Pioneers. They are better than that and will have the ship righted this week. North Union better come to play physical or they will get an eyeful of the Colts as well.”
Dillon: “North Union is a determined team this season and you really got to see how deep the stable is during last week’s win. Clear Fork will be a true test, but with the number one RB in the league I think NU has an edge. Now, they just need to play near perfect football.”
Channell: “Boy, Chad really used ‘slobberknocker’ in his disclaimer, huh? I’m not saying it’s a lewd word or anything, but I wouldn’t want my kid reading that.”
Cook: “Go Bucks!”
Laslow: “Go Bucks!”
Van Hoose: Go Bucks!”

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