Comey testimony a political charade


Former FBI director James Comey testified Thursday in a much-anticipated hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Honestly, It is sad all this fanfare went on like a circus so TV stations could play it up like a prizefight and politicians could make punches to the solar plexus of the President.
This is all happening while our country’s healthcare framework is failing and needs overhauling. Our tax code is also in serious need of being revamped. Meanwhile, our borders need to be strengthened to keep out unwanted illegal immigrants and drugs which plague the nation and even our own city and county. These are but a few of the problems which should be receiving the attention of Congress.
Can anyone see the forest for the trees?
What did we learn from Comey’s testimony?
1. Donald Trump is not under investigation.
2. Russia hacked into Hillary Clinton’s email.
3. Russia is not running the United States.
4. Trump told Comey that he hoped Comey would end the investigation of already-fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.
5. Comey leaked documents to the press through a friend the day after he was fired.
The TV media tried its best to make a mountain out of a molehill, comparing this episode to Watergate and other tragic moments in American history. We think this charade just galvanizes the voters even more than what occurred seven months ago with the election. The American public is tired of this type of biased rhetoric and reporting. Citizens are also upset with Congress ignoring their pleas to fix the many problems plaguing the nation and instead mounting a relentless personal attack on the President.
If it continues, the mid-term elections could reflect an even greater backlash than was seen on Nov. 8.


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