Student D.C. trip impacted by closed highway


This photo shows the crash that delayed Bunsold Middle School’s trip to Washington D.C. Tuesday. The crash forced the group to skip its day in Gettysburg and go straight to D.C.
(Photo from the Martins Ferry Times Leader Facebook page)
Bunsold pupils miss out on opportunity to tour Gettysburg

The Bunsold Middle School students enjoying the Washington D.C. trip this week had a Tuesday.
According to Marysville Assistant Superintendent Jonathan Langhals, buses carrying the students were delayed by a crash that involved two semis.
“Really, it was an unfortunate incident,” he said.
The buses had stopped at around 7:30 a.m. to allow students to use the restroom. They got back on the road at about 8 a.m. They were soon halted by a crash near St. Clairsville for more than two hours. One of the semis involved was hauling pigs. Langhals said the buses were far enough away from the scene of the crash that the students weren’t able to see it.
Langhals said after a while, authorities began rerouting vehicles, which added to the delay.
The students were on their way to Gettysburg to spend time there, but had to forego that stop to go straight to D.C. to make up for lost time. The students had a meal scheduled at Gettysburg, and while some had to pay for their meal, Langhals said the travel company will reimburse those expenses. Those students who did not have money for food were covered.
“No students went hungry yesterday,” he said.
Langhals said the buses ended up getting to their hotel near D.C. at about 9 p.m., and today students are exploring D.C.
Langhals said he spoke to Bunsold Middle School Principle Michelle Kaffenbarger about the incident. Langhals said according to her, the students handled the situation well.
“She talked about how proud she was of the kids,” he said. “Everybody made the best of the situation.”
Other than the traffic woes, the rest of the trip is going according to schedule. Langhals said the situation was a great chance for students to learn about dealing with situations outside of their control.
“The kids are in great spirits,” he added.

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