Crab dip, cheesy bacon snack, the duck cocktail


It’s almost a new year, so celebrate with these tasty party recipes.

Crab dip
1 8-oz. pkg. cream cheese, softened
1/2 C mayonnaise
3/4 C shredded Mozzarella cheese, divided
1/2 C finely shredded Parmesan cheese, divided
2 green onions, sliced, divided
1 6-oz. can lump crabmeat, drained
1/4 C roasted red peppers, chopped
1-1/4 C fresh corn kernels, divided
Heat oven to 375 degrees. Mix cream cheese and mayonnaise in medium bowl until blended. Add 1/2 cup Mozzarella and 1/4 cup Parmesan; mix well. Reserve 2 tbsp. onions for later use. Add remaining onions to dip along with crabmeat, peppers and 1 cup corn; mix lightly. Spoon into 9-inch pie plate sprayed with cooking spray; top with remaining Mozzarella, Parmesan and corn. Bake 30 to 35 min. or until dip is heated through and mozzarella is melted. Sprinkle with reserved onions.

Cheesy bacon snack
12 oz. softened cream cheese
8 oz. shredded cheddar cheese
1 pkg. ranch seasoning
1 C (1 lb.) finely chopped bacon
1 tbsp. parsley
pretzel sticks
Add softened cream cheese to a medium bowl and smooth with a spatula or a hand mixer. Add cheddar cheese and ranch seasoning and mix until combined. In a small bowl, combine bacon and parsley. Use a melon baller to scoop out a ball of cheese mixture. Use your hands to make sure it is in a ball and then roll it in bacon mixture. Set aside. Repeat until all cheese balls are made. Place a pretzel stick in the middle of each cheese ball and serve.

The duck cocktail
1 oz. Baileys
1 oz. Kahlua
1 oz. Amaretto or Crown Royal
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
2 oz. whole milk
whip cream and cherry for garnish
In a blender add all ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and top with garnish.

She said, “Just got 30 minutes of cardio trying to pick up an ice cube off the kitchen floor.”
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