A list of the decade’s top stories


Over the last two weeks, the Maryville Journal-Tribune published its annual list of Top 10 local stories of 2019 as voted on by staff members, along with a less scientific look at the top stories of the decade.
In talking as a group, it was determined the paper should also run a list of the voted on Top 10 stories in each year of the decade.
In addition to being enjoyable to look back on, the list allows readers to see how the trends developed. As an example, the top story of 2010 was the passage of an income tax for the City of Marysville. That story set the stage for so many of the other stories that made the list through the decade — the construction of buildings, facilities, infrastructure and parks along, the commitment to bring fiber to the community and the purchase of Innovation Park.
The list also allows readers to see how a single, spectacular story that was a big deal one year — a murder on Askins Road, egg farm troubles, scandals at the school, city and county government —could be all but forgotten over a decade.
Finally, the list of top stories shows how a story that is not always the most exciting, can have staying power to shape and influence a community for years and decades to come — the successes of Honda, the expansion of Memorial Health, increasing property values and the continued financial stability of the county.
10-tie) Local Hero, Retired Maj. Gen Oscar C. Decker Dies
10-tie) Honda trims Local Production
10-tie) Property Values Jump in County Revaluation
9) County Posts Record Revenue
8) Honda Celebrates 40 Years
7)Amazon Announces Local Data Center
6) Two Commissioners Won’t Run Again, Two Incumbents Voted Off City Council
5) City Celebrates Bicentennial
4) Texas Roadhouse, Panera Send Town Into Tizzy
3) Apartments, Housing Developments in Area Surge
2) Suicide Rates at Record Level, Mental Health Crisis
1) Marysville Stadium Construction Process, Alcohol Sales Considered
10) Innovation Park in Place
9) Marysville Moves Forward With Stadium Project
8) Memorial Breaks Ground on Expansion Project
7) Marysville P.D. Purchases Armored Vehicle
6) Marysville School District Passes Levies
5) Jerome Township Continues Development
4) Main Street Bridge Replaced
3) Lane Pleads Guilty, Sentenced
2) Honda Showcases Smart Intersection
1) Body Found In Freezer
10) Plain City Chooses Columbus Over Marysville for Water and Sewer
9) Couple Dragged From Burning Car
7/8-tie) Property Values Increase
7/8-tie) Memorial Health Expands
6) Housing Developments
5) Stanley Penn Denied Parole Again
4) Jerome Township Annexation On Again, Off Again
3) Honda Celebrates Big Year
2) Construction, Utilities Make City Streets A Mess
1) Murder on Fourth Street
9/10-tie) Teacher Trouble
9/10-tie) Adults Only Hotel Hostilities
8) Blitz of Big Boxes
7) Meth in Mill Valley
6) Rail Car Rollover
5) New Form, New Functions for Marysville Government
4) Cotter Calls It Quits
3) Honda Makes $53-million Commitment
2) Jostling in Jerome Township
1) Union County Getting Its Fiber
10) Fatal Crashes Hit 15-year High
8/9-tie) County Sees Record Revenue
8/9-tie) Marysville Schools Announce Changes (Valedictorian, busing)
5/6/7-tie) Marysville Builds Multiple Parks
5/6/7-tie) Askins Road Man Murdered
5/6/7-tie) Honda Announces $210-million Expansion
4) Memorial Health Expands
3) Andrew Wright
2) Area Plans for Future Development
1) Scandals Shake Schools, Area Government
10) Long-Rumored Meijer Finally Arrives
9) City of Marysville Fees, Enforcement Rise
8) Plans For High Speed Train Unveiled With Stop in Marysville
7) Nationwide Children’s Hospital Opens Facility for Union County Residents
6) Honda Celebrates Big Year
5) Fires Plague County Causing Loss of Life and Property
4) Rough Winter Seizes Union County
3) Memorial Hospital Rebrands, Opens City Gate Facility
2) Parks and Recreation Construction Abounds In Marysville
1) Marysville Schools Open STEM School, Approve Open Enrollment and All-Day, Every-Day Kindergarten
10-tie) Jon Alder Sees $1-million Shortfall
10-tie) Children’s Hospital Breaks Ground on Local Facility
9) Heroin Continues to be the Bane of Union County
8) Honda to Build New NSX Locally
7) Marysville Schools Secure $12-million Grant
6) Plain City Police Force is Reduced
5) Eighth Street Firebug
4) Memorial Hospital Improves Facilities, Services
3) Pair of Murder/Suicides Hit Ostrander and Woodstock
2) City Makes Moves
1) Marysville Opens Facilities/Plans for Others
10) Several Major Theft Rings Target Union and Surrounding Counties
9) Election, Local Issues Fail
7/8-tie) Man Burns Down Church
7/8-tie) Drought. Extreme summer Temperatures
6) Despite Ups and Downs, a Good Year For County Finances
5) Memorial Builds Heart Center
4) Honda Reaches 30-year Milestone, 1-millionth Car
3) Marysville Builds Three New Facilities
2) Fiesta Grande Topples in Heavy Storm
1) Marysville Schools to Trim Staff By Nearly 50
10-tie) Balloon Festival Marks 35th Anniversary
10-tie) New Census Shows Union County Grew 28%
9) Residents Give Despite Economy: Tax Levies Passed, Care Train and United Way Set Donation Records
8) Marysville Fends Off Recession with Solid Bond Rating, Recovering Home Construction and Improving Finances
6/7-tie) Jerome Township Continues to Grow
6/7-tie) State Investigators Look Into a String of Arson Fires in Northern Union County
5) ODA Officials Kill Hi-Q Plans
4) Marysville Breaks Ground on New Police/Fire/Court Facilities
2/3-tie) Union County, Schools Face Deep Financial Cuts
2/3-tie) Honda Impacted By Natural Disasters
1) Changing of The Guard in Local Government
10) School Employees Admitted to Stealing
9) Heroin Arrests Continue/New Legal Drug on the Rise in County
8) Egg Farm Denied Permit/Appeals Decision
7) As One Group of Heroes Come Home, Another is Deployed
6) Commissioner Resigns
5) Union County Salary Series
4) Local Dairy Farm Accused of Cruelty; Beater Sentenced to Jail, Farm Owner Not Indicted
3) Suspect Killed in Shootout
2) Sheriff Unions Vote to Take Raises, Decline Furloughs/10 Deputies Terminated
1) City Tax Levy Passes

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