Man attacks woman despite protection order


A local man could be facing more than six years behind bars after allegedly disregarding a court order and attacking a woman.
The Union Count Grand Jury has indicted Dempsey Luke Griffin, 27, of 149 Hemlock Dr., Marysville. Griffin is charged with one count each of domestic violence and violating a protection order.
The victim, who had a child with Griffin, had a protection order barring him from coming within a certain distance of her or the child.
Even so, Griffin went to the home to watch the child while the victim went to work.
Union County Assistant Prosecutor Rick Rodger said it is irrelevant why Griffin was allegedly at the home. Rodger said with a protection order, the obligation is not with the victim but with the subject to stay away.
“It doesn’t matter if she invited him or not, it is a court order (the protection order) and he is not allowed to be there,” Rodger said.
While at the home, Griffin and the woman began to argue. The argument allegedly turned violent.
“He said she was emotionally abusive and deserved it,” Rodger said.
Griffin allegedly punched, shoved and choked the woman. At one point, Griffin allegedly pushed the woman into a tree, pinning her there were she couldn’t breathe. Griffin also allegedly threw a chair at the woman, hitting her in the face and hitting the child.
“I just wanted to get the kids and leave,” the victim wrote in a statement.
Rodger said the woman was “afraid for her life from him.”
At some point the woman was able to get free of Griffin who went inside. When police arrived, they spoke to Griffin through a window at the home.
“Eventually they were able to get a key and they went through the back door and were able to take custody of him,” Rodger said.
If convicted on all charges, Griffin could face more than six years in prison.
Domestic violence is usually charged as a misdemeanor, however once a person has a domestic violence conviction, future allegations are charged as a felony. In 2013, Griffin was convicted of assault in Logan County.
Also indicted was:
Quantez M. Alexander, 22, of Columbus. Alexander is charged with carrying a concealed weapon. According to court documents, on July 26, Alexander was arrested with a concealed semi-automatic handgun. The gun was either loaded or the ammunition was close at hand, according to court documents. If convicted, Alexander could face as many as 18 months in prison. Additionally, prosecutors are trying to force Alexander to forfeit the gun.
Jennifer L. Williamson, 32, of 590 Meadows Dr., Marysville. Williamson is charged with one count each of aggravated vehicular assault, vehicular assault and operating a vehicle under the influence. According to police reports, about 12:58 a.m., Aug 29, drove her car into the apartment at 580 Meadows Drive. Deputy Police Chief Tony Brooks said the vehicle and driver were also involved in another crash the same evening.
If convicted on all counts, Williamson could face as many as seven years in prison.
David Andrew Baldwin, 44, 383 S. Terrace Ave., Columbus. Baldwin is charged with seven counts of nonsupport of dependents. According to court documents, Baldwin has not made court-ordered child support payments for a pair of children since 2013. In June 2011, Baldwin pleaded guilty to the same charge in Franklin County.
If convicted, Baldwin could face more than a decade in prison.
Patric Blake Scheiderer, 22, whose court-listed address is the Tri-County Regional Jail in Mechanicsburg. Scheiderer is charged with one count of corrupting another with drugs, a felony of the first degree. According to court documents, on Feb. 11, Scheiderer “administered of furnished” heroin to another person causing the man, “to become drug dependent.”
If convicted, Scheiderer could face as many as 10 years in prison.
Zachary A. Peoples, 28, of 223 Grandview Ave., Delaware. According to court records, Peoples was arrested May 3, with less than a gram of heroin. If convicted, Peoples could face as many as 12 months in prison.
Robin Gibson, 42, of 725 E. Sixth St., Marysville. Gibson is charged with one count of aggravated possession of drugs, stemming from an Oct. 20 arrest with methamphetamines. If convicted, Gibson could face as many as 12 months in prison.

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