Mother faces felony domestic violence charges


A Marysville woman with a history of domestic violence is in trouble again after allegedly hitting her son.
The Union County Grand Jury has indicted Carrie Lynn Chapman, 39, of 690 Milford Ave., Apartment 19A, charging her with one count of domestic violence, a felony of the fourth degree.
According to court documents, on March 10, police responded to the Milford Avenue apartment in response to an argument between a 15-year-old boy and Chapman, his mother.
The boy told officers he and his mother got into a verbal argument over a cell phone.
“The argument escalated and Carrie Chapman grabbed (the boy) by the left forearm, scratching him leaving three distinct scratch marks,” according to court documents. “There was also a distinct scratch mark on (the boy’s) left shoulder.”
Union County Prosecutor Dave Phillips said the boy also claimed his mother hit him in the face.
He said the officer noted that Chapman smelled of alcohol at the time of the argument.
Domestic violence is typically charged as a misdemeanor, however, once an individual has a domestic violence conviction, future allegations are charged as felonies. In 2011, Chapman was convicted of domestic violence and sentenced to 30 days in jail and fined $600. She was ordered to go through domestic violence and anger management classes as well as a parenting skills class.
Phillips explained that in Ohio, a parent has the right to use corporal punishment, “but that doesn’t mean you can abuse your child.”
“You can’t do it in anger. It has to be under control. It has to be a measured response,” Phillips said.
He said corporal punishment should not be used as punishment, but as a way to teach a child.
Phillips said that while the domestic violence history changes the level of offense, the officers would not have considered that when determining whether to charge the woman.
Following her arrest, Chapman was released on her own recognizance. She is set to be arraigned later this month.
If convicted, Chapman could face as many as 18 months in prison.
In addition to the prior domestic violence conviction, Chapman has multiple disorderly conduct and other alcohol related criminal convictions.
Also indicted were:
Gregory R. Hinckley, 54, of Norwalk. Hinckley is charged with one count of domestic violence.
According to court documents, on April 12, Hinckley was living with his girlfriend in a Liberty Township home. At some point, Hinckley and the woman began to argue.
“As (the woman) began to leave the residence, Gregory tackled (the woman) to the couch causing her glasses being shoved into the bridge of her nose,” according to court documents. “Gregory held (the woman) against the couch, refusing to let her leave.”
The victim was able to uses her cellphone’s emergency call button to contact police.
“Gregory then tackled (the woman) again and took the phone away from her,” according to court documents.
The woman was eventually able to leave. Hinckley allegedly also left the home and took two cell phones as well as the house keys and “headed into the woods.”
Hinckley has a prior conviction for domestic violence, a 1996 conviction in Huron County.
If convicted, Hinckley could face as many as 18 months in prison.

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