Permits needed ahead of Richwood street improvement project


Nancy Tobe, an engineer with Access Engineering, approached Richwood Village Council at its Monday night meeting seeking multiple revocable use permits ahead of the Franklin Street Enhancement project.
Bids will be advertised in January for the project and when a bid is accepted by council, there is one item on the agenda that the Ohio Department of Transportation requires.
There are 25 properties that need to have revocable permits due to having an awning, stairway, planter, flag pole, within the right-of-way of the state highway project.
Due to time constraints, council suspended the rules so that revocable use permits may be granted to the properties in question. The properties that will receive the permits include 33 E. Bomford St., 101, 8, 6, 4 and 2 S. Franklin St., 4, 6, 8, 10, 28, 116, 120-122, 111, 107-109, 105, 27, 17, 15, 9, 5, 3 and 155 N. Franklin St. and 9 W. Blagrove St.
According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, the right-of-way goes up to the front of each property’s building, so any stairway, awning over the sidewalk or flag poles are in the right-of-way.
So, by council approving revocable permits, each storefront, will be able to keep its stairway, awning or flag pole. Any business that has a bench or picnic table, etc. in front of its property will have to remove that item, and then return it after the project is complete.
Council gave permission to the village administrator to sign a revocable use permits for each of the properties listed.
Randy Cheney, of Beatty Avenue approached council. He recently made a donation to the National Arbor Day and in return received 10 free trees. He donated them to council so that they can be planted at Richwood Park/Lake. Council members said they appreciated his donation and will take care of planting the trees.
Cheney also mentioned to council that a neighbor leaves his trash piled near the street for weeks at a time and the trash is never picked up. Police Chief Monte Asher will be made aware of the situation and will handle it.
Council also suspended the rules to permit the continuance of an Enterprise Zone Tax Incentive Agreement with Richwood Bank.
Councilman Pat Morse informed council that the Northern Union County Fire District has included in its 2019 operating budget, funds for the installation of a second tornado siren, which would be placed in the vicinity of Gill Street, on the south end of the village. Many residents report that they can’t hear the siren at that end of town. Morse is the council representative on the fire board and he stated he would keep council informed.
In other business, council:
-Heard that village employees will be installing lights on the exterior of the sewer plant.
-Was told that mosquito spray certification will be held Dec. 12. Nick McDonald, Tim Monroe and Tim McGowan will take the tests. Once passed, they will become licensed to do the mosquito spraying around the village.
-Learned that an electric meter at the wastewater plant was struck by lightning and a claim has been turned in to the insurance company.
-Heard that officer Alfred Blevins has received intoxilizer 8000 training and that officers will also be receiving taser re-certification on Dec. 19.
Council’s next meeting will be held Monday, Jan. 14, at 7 p.m. This will be the organizational meeting for council where they will vote on council president and set the 2019 meeting schedule.

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