Stay off the ice


Footprints are seen here on Richwood Lake recently. Village officials state that no one is allowed to ice fish, skate, sled, or run four-wheelers or snowmobiles in Richwood Park or on Richwood Lake. (Richwood Gazette photo by Sherryl Sheets)

Officials urge common sense on bodies of water such as Richwood Lake
“Stay Off The Ice” – that’s the message that Village Administrator Monte Asher is stressing to anyone who visits Richwood Park and Lake.
There are several Park Rules that are enforced as safety measures for everyone who comes to the park. To keep visitors safe, follow the listed guidelines:
•No snowmobiles are allowed in Richwood Park. There are too many obstacles to maneuver around, such as trees, bushes, park benches and picnic tables, the Veteran’s Monument, etc. Do not be tempted to make a quick run through the park. There are also people using the walking path, so they want to also keep safe while walking.
•Ice Fishing – No ice fishing is allowed on Richwood Lake. Cutting the ice to fish weakens the ice and can be very dangerous. It only takes a second to go through the water, the cold will begin to slow down your physical and mental functions, so you must act quickly. When walking on or near ice, keep your pets on a leash. If a pet falls through the ice do not attempt to rescue the pet, go for help. Well meaning pet owners can too easily become rescue victims when trying to assist their pets.
For other ice safety tips and winter weather preparedness, check the Massachusetts Emergency Management A
•No Ice Skating – No one is allowed to go onto the ice to shovel the snow to make an ice skating rink. Again, the ice may not be at thick in some areas, so don’t risk your life skating on the lake.
•No four-wheelers are allowed on the lake – no pulling sleds on the lake. Geese may settle in an area around the lake’s shore and they will keep the water moving under the ice and the ice will be thinner.
•Be sure to stay away from areas where you see any water on the ice. That is a sign of possible danger.
Asher states that it may look like fun, but it is not worth losing your life, or the lives for firefighters and EMS staff who may be called to rescue you.

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