Village talks plans for future hall


The VIllage of Milford Center is deliberating on its plans for a future village hall.
At a meeting Monday night, the village council was still in the talks about whether they should purchase the old VFW building on 16 W. Center St. At a meeting in June, the board expressed desire in pursuing the building, seeing it as being multipurpose within a reasonable cost.
Village Administrator Chris Kise said the seller of the building has lowered its price to $30,000, but he has received quotes from companies on the interior roof totaling to roughly $20,000.
“That looks like a great price,” said Don Jones, chairperson of buildings, equipment, land, streets and sidewalks. “But with all of the repairs, you don’t know what you’re getting into until you start tearing out the walls, with all the water leakage and whatnot.”
Jones said the board should consider the idea of building its own facility, as opposed to renovating the VFW building. He said building a new facility would serve the purpose of housing its equipment, as the VFW building can’t.
“I recommend we go ahead and bring back, or entertain the idea, of building a building,” he said.
He said three years ago, the board approved the money to build a barn to house the equipment. He said $48,400 was appropriated, but not spent on the project, and was moved to the general fund.
Former village administrator James House said the project was abandoned back then because the board “thought there was an opportunity to not have to spend nearly $50,000 and still be able to house our equipment” with the idea of sharing the old bus garage.
Ron Payne, the finance, labor, office and safety chairperson, who sat in for the absent mayor, made it published in the meeting minutes that the board recently discovered this “administrative decision.”
Jones later said he would like to start building committee meetings each month, with Kaye Phelps, Kise and Joyce Hinton to be there.
Also at the meeting, Jeff Parren, the planning, ordinances, codes, annexation and zoning chairperson, proposed the idea of purchasing furniture to outfit the current village hall.
Parren said he found furniture the village could use for its current village hall, as well as be able to be used in the VFW should the council decide to purchase it. He said it would cost around $2,500 to purchase the furniture and temporarily store it until the village can use it.
“We’re trying to make this (village hall) look more presentable for when we have Charles Hall down here or a township trustee over here,” Parren said.
The board approved of appropriating the funds for the purchase on a 4-1 vote, with councilperson Terri Kean, chairperson of water, utilities and sewer, voting no.
Payne said Mayor Virgil Reisinger didn’t want to discuss the purchase of furniture during this meeting.
“The mayor isn’t here, so he can’t determine the agenda when he’s not here,” Payne said. “It was reported to me the mayor said he would veto this. If he does… then we would have to reconsider his veto and overwhelm him.”
Parren said the village administrator would have the right to purchase the furniture without bid or authorization, according to Ohio Revised Code. Payne said this could be an option for how to purchase the furniture.
Also at the meeting:
-Molly Markiewicz and Sherdina Ellis-Foster, representatives from insurance company Colonial Life, visited the meeting to discuss the aspect of getting life insurance.
-The council passed a motion to make the signatories of the newly changed depository, now at Richwood Bank, to be the mayor and fiscal officer.
-Kise said the asphalt mixer the village has purchased is finally received, though it has been damaged. The council expressed concern for taking this machine, but Kise said the company is “trying to make good” on its deal, and is sending out the right parts to fix it.
-Derek Wilson, chairperson for parks, events, recreation and community, is looking to get a new trash can for Bicentennial Park, as the original one was stolen.
-The council approved of the third reading for a resolution to appropriate $706.2 to pay for two park signs from UCSIGNS. The cost includes the company installing the signs.
-The council retroactively approved of a resolution to appropriate $835 for restroom repairs in the park.
-Kise said he is working on payment plans for residents who are delinquent on paying their water bills. The deficit saw an increase of approximately $1,600 this month. He said red tags have been distributed to houses for shut-offs.
-The council floated the idea of enforcing fees for all commercial buildings in the village. Some council members expressed disinterest in this, saying they didn’t “want to charge businesses to stay.” It has remained a topic for discussion at a future meeting.
-Parren said the village is still not interested in proceeding with anything involving medical marijuana. However, he said he would like to encourage a committee to entertain ordinances to place in a dispensary. He said he’s working with people who are pro-medical marijuana to introduce legislation supporting it.
-Payne presented a new strategic plan for Milford Center, as there was nothing like a wage scale established. He requested members of the council take a look at it and give suggestions.

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