an editorial – Bias may have opposite effect


Facebook and Twitter recently suppressed the New York Post story about Joe Biden.
The story was about Hunter Biden getting paid for access to his dad, while Joe was Vice-President.
Whether the story is an October surprise and has any impact on the election is yet to be seen because it’s not new news. It does, however, seem to have a different angle with actual emails recovered from a computer linking Hunter and Joe to alleged corruption.
In our eyes, the act of suppressing the story is a strategy that helps the Trump campaign because it adds a level of conspiracy that wasn’t there before. If Facebook and Twitter were trying to help the Biden campaign, they should have let the story live on its own so Biden’s team could defend Joe as they have done in the past.
With their actions, the two companies have given the story a new lift that brings a “sweep-it-under-the-rug” feel which has forced the Biden campaign to be in damage control.
Adding more doubt, the only answer the Biden campaign has issued about Joe’s involvement was that the alleged meeting in question was never on Joe’s official schedule.
That answer in itself is a tell that there could have been an unofficial meeting where Joe talked to the Russian operatives. Keep in mind, Joe was quoted while talking to the Council on Foreign affairs by saying, “I looked at them and said, ‘I am leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the money,’” referring to the $1B loan guarantee the Russians were seeking.
Does this equate to the 2016 October surprise where 30,000 emails from Hillary Clinton were never recovered? Time will tell.
If you believe the polls then it shouldn’t have too much effect. Then again, Trump was down vs. Clinton by about as much in the polls in 2016 as TV stations are reporting today.
To be honest, we don’t believe the polls and struggle to understand the strategy of Facebook, Twiter and the TV media to slant coverage if they want Joe Biden to win. The bias is only mobilizing more support for Trump.
According to The PEW research center, Republicans have had more voter registrations in the battle ground states than Democrats. We understand this doesn’t always translate to votes just like yard signs but it does give an indication that the narrative being spun by TV media may surprise some and not be accurate much like 2016.

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